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Antique Indigo Dyed Textiles and

Hand dyed fabrics produced in Durham, NC


Antique Indigo Dyed Textiles

Traditional Japanese and Chinese indigo dyed textiles carry with them qualities that are lacking in mass produced reproductions. They were made completely by hand on farms or in small workshops, and after years of use their texture and color have only improved. These textiles hold centuries worth of accumulated knowledge. The indigo dye used in these fabrics held important mystical and symbolic meanings to the people who created them, and their designs were born out of rich traditions and a desire to elevate simple materials into something exquisite and useful.


Hand Dyed in Durham, NC

Our textiles are inspired by antique Japanese and Chinese textiles. They are hand dyed with indigo in Durham, NC using a Japanese technique called Katazome. To create these patterns a paper stencil must first be cut by hand and lacquered before a paste made from glutinous rice is pushed through the stencil and onto the cloth. After the paste begins to dry the cloth can then be dyed in the indigo vat. Katazome is a time consuming and labor intensive process, but maintaining traditional methods is important to us. The fabrics that we produce are durable and can be used for home decor, table linens, bedding, upholstery or even clothing. Just like the antique fabrics that inspired us, our fabrics will only get softer and show more complex variation in tone with time and wear.